The beach is just a stone's throw away

Just a few steps over the dunes, the tangy smell of the sea in your nose – it's hard to imagine finding any holiday destination closer to the sea than our campsite by the Baltic Sea.

On top of it all, no other campsite on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula can be reached as quickly as ours. Situated in Neuhaus, a district of the Baltic Sea resort Dierhagen, we are the very first campsite facing the sea at the gates of Fischland. While other holidaymakers are sitting in heavy queues of traffic during the peak season, slowly edging their way across the whole peninsula, you can already be comfortably lying on the beach if you stay with us.

Surrounded by a picturesque landscape, nature enthusiasts can experience a wonderful holiday here between water and woodland, beach and marshlands, fish and game, the breaking of the waves and the twittering of birds, with seagulls, cranes and herons, shells, amber, belemnite fossils and adder stones, under natural windswept trees and glorious sunshine.

We have totally committed ourselves to the "simple life" here so that every guest can enjoy this idyll to the full and can feel completely at ease: The key to our small campsite is its friendly and family-like atmosphere, where everyone shows consideration for others. You will find everything you need on site, from modern, clean sanitary facilities to a snack bar offering simple meals. The abundance of nature offers relaxation for adults as much as fun and activities for children. This is a place where you will find it easy to really switch off and downshift without any distracting organised entertainment or party music.

The beach looking in the direction of Graal-Müritz
A look at the sea in Neuhaus / Dierhagen