Refreshments and snacks on site

In the summer, guests can choose from a fish snack bar, a crêperie and a bistro for a midday snack.

There are also several restaurants offering specialities and ice-cream cafés in the centre of Dierhagen and Dierhagen-Strand (1-3 km away). You can find more restaurants in Dierhagen in the current overview of open restaurants and cafés in the weekly newspaper of the Dierhagen spa administration (PDF).

Our recommendations for a wide variety of culinary delights can be found under the heading "What to see and do".

Refreshments and snacks next to the campsite
Bäcker Boldt in Neuhaus

The tastiest ice cream in the area? You'll find it in Neuhaus! Just like fine cuisine with the best from the Baltic Sea, the forests and the meadows of the region.

In recent years, the Glassissimo ice cream parlour has become a must for every ice cream lover on the Darß. Whether you're passing through on your bike or want your daily dose of summer happiness, you'll find the ice cream parlour in Birkenallee, halfway between the entrance to the village and the campsite.

And it's not far to go for a nice evening with good food and friendly service. The Frei wie der Wind restaurant in the equestrian farm of the same name has cooked its way into the hearts of locals and summer guests. You will find the restaurant halfway between the entrance to the village and the campsite if you turn into the narrow alley "Am Hof" and follow the signs to the Reiterhof.

Ice cream parlour Glassissimo
Ice cream parlour Glassissimo 2
Restaurant Frei wie der Wind
Restaurant Frei wie der Wind 2